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Looking to join Crazy Quidditch? You can! All you've got to do is tell us at and you're in! But before you can play Quidditch the Crazy way, you've got to read the rules. Beware, they are very long! It's best if you only read the rules for the position you wish to join, and read the rest later. But first, let's go over some general rules:
1. There will be no cursing in even the mildest terms in any of the chatrooms on Crazy Qudditch.
2. There will be no fights in the chatrooms of Crazy Quidditch.
3. The team Captains have the last word always. If you believe your captain s being unfair, e-mail the webmaster.
4. There will be no porn in the chatrooms.
5. You will not spam in any of the chatrooms and get away with it; you'll be killed from the chat if you do.
6. The team chatrooms are only for that team to discuss in, and anyone from other teams are not allowed in.
7. Code your text appropriatly to match your team's text.
8. There will be no speaking suring Quidditch matches except for that from players. You may enter and watch the match, however.
9. If you join a team, you will NOT change your name unless you get permission from the captain and have it registered in the Teams page. You may only change your name thrice, and the captain reserves the right to not accept the change.
10. You must register the name you wish to use in the quidditch match.
11. Everyone is allowed in Crazy Quidditch as long as they are not on our Ban List to the left and as long as they follow the rules.
Got all that? Great! Now, on to the playing rules!



The Chasers have the job of getting the Quaffle through a hoop on their opponents side during their scoring turn. If they do this successfully, they gain their team 10 points per score.




The two Beaters on each team have the job of deflecting bludgers away from their fellow team mates and directing them at the other teams players. They are equipped with bats, and their main turn is only whenever a bludger comes into play.




The Keeper's job is to block opposing chasers from scoring. They only get their main turn when a chaser tries to score.




A very important player, the Seeker goes after the Snitch once it is in play. Upon catching it, the Seeker grants their team 50 points and the game is ended.


The Gameplay


Every game starts with a countdown by the Referee.  As soon as he/she says GO the players enter the game.

The game is divided into levels for the players; three for the Chasers, Two for the Beaters, two for the Keeper and five for the Seeker. These levels are different parts of the board, like level two for Chasers is halfway to the goalhoops and level three is at the goalhoops, where you can score.




Chasers always get the first turn. They type up a brief (yet detailed) description of what they did before they move to the next level (no scoring or anything, like, flying around scratching their armpits or something) , where they get another turn after the other Chasers do the same. When two Chasers on opposite teams are in the same level (other than the first) they are both given four choices of what to do. Note that no matter who's on your level, you have the pass option.


Those choices are Foul (opponents name here: Note you can only foul opponents on your level), Continue, Pass to (team mates name here: Note only team mates on your level can be passed to.) and Steal from (opponents name here: Note only opponents on your level can be stolen from.).


The players say what they chose as soon as the countdown is finished in a p2p to the referee.




If a player chooses Foul and the other chose Continue, they will be fouled and the offender will have to answer a question for the foul not to be noticed. A fouled player misses a turn.


If the same is chosen but the other player chooses Pass, they are fouled, but do not drop the quaffle as they have already passed it to a player. As usual the offender must answer a question.


If a player chooses foul and the other player chose to steal, and the fouling Player is holding the quaffle, the foul is ignored and the stealer gains the quaffle. If the fouling player is NOT holding the quaffle, the stealing player is successfully fouled after the question thingy.


If both players choose foul, nothing happens at all.




If a player chooses continue and their opponent chooses Pass, nothing happens and the continuing person goes to the next level.


If both players choose continue, they both advance ahead one level and the reach the final Chaser level.




If a player chooses pass, they pass the ball to someone else. When this happens, the player with the quaffle can advance up to the third level to try and score.




When the game starts, everyone is on level one. After a bit of roleplay in turn, they move onto level two. Level two is the action level where chasers try to gain the quaffle. Level three is right in front of the goalposts where your chaser tries to score. There, they have two options: Shoot and Dodge, which are pretty self explanatory, except you have to pick left, right or middle ring to shoot at. Dodge is used if the player thinks another player will appear to knock away the quaffle. When they shoot, the Keeper comes into view...




Keepers get the third turn, but they are still important. They start at level one for keepers and level three for chasers, where they roleplay bits when they have to. When a chaser reaches the Keeper, the keeper moves to level two, called the Block Level where they get the option to block any two rings (they tell the ref which two in a p2p). If the Chaser is lucky enough to shoot at the ring the keeper hasnt covered, they get ten points and the keeper's team none.





Beaters get the second turn, after the six Chasers have played. They start at level one. When they are told that a bludger is headed for a player, they have to answer a question to block it, which is level two. After that, they go back to boring level one. Beaters dont have to roleplay to stay in the game, but they have the option if they wish or are getting too bored.




The hardest job of all lays with the Seekers. They're in a separate chatroom, so they don't exactly have turns. They have to make their way through five hard levels of 3 questions each before they get to the snitch.




Level one is... You know, where they start and all that. The Seekers have to answer three questions correctly to get to level two, where they have to answer three more until they reach level five, where The Snitch is. (The player who types the right answer first wins the question) If only one player reaches level five, they have to answer a question and they get the snitch, gaining 50 points and ending the game. But if you're with your opponent, dont forget THEY want 50 points, too... So, you have three options:


Snitch, where you go after the Snitch, Magic, where you can use a spell and Foul, where you can foul your opponent. If you both pick the same thing, nothing happens. If one player picks magic and the other picks foul, the one who chose magic gets the snitch. If one player picks foul and the other picks Snitch, the one who chose foul gets the snitch and... You get the picture, its rock paper scissors basically.




After some time of play, the referee will yell "Bludger directed towards (name here) of the (team here) team! At this point, the beaters come into the game and after answering a question correctly, hits the bludger away- then they CAN say "(Beaters name) hit the bludger towards (opposing players name)". They can direct bludgers at everyone but for Seekers.
Ah yes, the almighty Referees. In charge of bludgers, questions... But though they are the masters of the games, they have a few limits and with limits come rules:
1) Referees are not to be partial to any team- they may not direct bludgers at only certain teams, or ask easy questions to the team they favour.
2) Referees must make sure everything goes smoothly. They are supposed to enforce the Crazy Quidditch rules on players and they have the ability to ban a player from play.
3) Referees are Chat Operators.
4) If a referee is not satisfactory, they will be fired.
5) A good referee can gain ranks.
6) Referees are allowed to play on teams, but they are not Operators or Referees when their own team is playing in a match.
7) Two referees will be needed for one Quidditch match: One for the Quaffle play and one for the Snitch play.
8) A mean or unkind Referee will be fired.
9) Referees must also follow the General Rules set down by the webmaster.
10) Referees who abuse their powers are not to ref matches for a certain period of time.
Players can get different broomsticks using galleons they win after matches. These really don't affect the game much, but they are fun to have in the roleplay area. Here's a list of brooms and their prices:
Comet 260: Free (start with one)
Shooting Star: 5 Galleons
Moontrimmer: 10 Galleons
Twigger 90: 30 Galleons
Tinderblast: 40 Galleons
Nimbus 2000: 50 Galleons
Nimbus 2001: 100 Galleons
Firebolt: 150 Galleons
Tornado: 200 Galleons
You can buy brooms in the #broombuyer channel. Your earlier broom will be over-written and replaced with your new one. There's no way to get it back, but who would want to?

#quidditchpitch is for the games ONLY. However, players may talk ICly.
#quidditchchatter is for talk in both OOC and IC. Everyone is welcome here.
#gryffteam is for the people on the Gryffindor team ONLY. The text to be used by Gryffindors will always be a combo of red, gold and yellow.
#huffteam is for people on the Hufflepuff team ONLY. The text to be used by Hufflepuffs will always be a combo of black and yellows.
#raventeam is for people on the Ravenclaw team ONLY. The text to be used by Ravenclaws will always be a combo of orange, brown or copper and blues other than light blues.
#Slythteam is for people on the Slytherin team ONLY. The text to be used by Slytherins will always be a combo of whites or greys and greens.
#quidditchhelp is only for asking questions about Crazy Quidditch. You may not ask for the current scores here.
#broombuyer is for people who want a broom update. Everyone starts with a Comet 260, and depending on the number of games you have won, you can get better brooms. Ask around and you'll figure everything out. :)
#roleplay is for people who want to roleplay in between games.

Quidditch, Harry Potter and all related content is copyright J.K.Rowling. I do not claim anything as my own except for the rules of Crazy Quidditch. The names of the players in the teams are copyright their owners, and the Chinese Fireballs are copyright me. Thanks.