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Please read and fill out the form on this page if you would like to join Crazy Quidditch.

Due to numerous e-mails asking to join without any information, I have set up a form to fill out if you want to join. Please fill out everything marked with an asterix (*) and e-mail it to me at
Info About You
*Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Age:
Info About Your Character
*Character's First Name:
*Character's Last Name:
*Character's Gender:
*Character's Age(must exceed 11):
*The Position you want your Character to Have:
*The Team you wnt your Character to be on:
Character's Description:
Character's Personality:
Create A New Team (Fill this out ONLY if you want to start a new team. We currently aren't accepting new teams right now.)
*Team Name:
*Team Uniform Colors:
*Team Captain:
*Captain's Position:
Team History:
*Team's Mascot:
Other (Not Complusory. Use it if you have questions, doubts etc you want to file, or if you want to submit something.)
Submissions(They'd NEVER Say That, jokes, fanfics: Anything, as long as it contains no porn or overused gore. It also must be Harry Potter related.):
Images(URLs only, please. You may not submit any images containing porn or overused gore, or that do not stick to Harry Potter. I may have a picture gallery for submitted pictures. You may remove this tag when submitting this in a form.):
Websites(If you want us to check out a site, or if you want to advertise your own, put it in here and I'll check it out, and maybe even add it to a links section. As usual, no porn or overused gor can be in the sites you submit.):
That is all. Fill this out and e-mail it in! Oh, and the two new members, Danny and Wendy, please re-enter by submitting me this form. If you don't, I will remove your names from the teams page.

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