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No other Quidditch teams to stump, or are you just bored? If your problem matches one of the above, you'll probably get easily amused by the following little... Er... Thingies. Yeah. Right now we only have HP characters, but if you show a lot of personality, I could add some of these with you in them, too. ;) And don't forget, you can submit a few, too!

Harry, Ron, Hermione: We love you, Snape!
Professor McGonagall: You didn't finish your homework? Ten points to Gryffindor!
Ron(To Harry): She really must want that House Cup.
Hagrid: A dragon? Get tha' thing away fro' me!
Percy: I hate the Ministry! I quit!
Fred: Aw, George, we don't have any more homework to do! What do you say?
George: Let's visit the library!
Fred: Yay!
Neville: Hermione! It's Flibazoogazit, not Fligaboogagit!
Snape: For today's lesson, we'll be learning how to make a pie, decorated and everything.
Harry: But what about Potions?
Snape: Potions!? Baking is funner! Icing out, please...
Sirius: Azkaban would be nice if there were no Dementors, bars, cells, walls, ceilings and if there was some decent food. 
Ron: Hey, where's Harry?
Hermione: I think he got eaten by a dragon.
Ron: Cool. Let's go get pizza!
Hermione: Whee!
McGonagall: OMG I LURVE EET!

Quidditch, Harry Potter and all related content is copyright J.K.Rowling. I do not claim anything as my own except for the rules of Crazy Quidditch. The names of the players in the teams are copyright their owners, and the Chinese Fireballs are copyright me. Thanks.