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Welcome to Crazy Quidditch!

This is the official website for the IRC game of Crazy Quidditch. This is the one game on the 'net that completely captures the fun and excitement of Quidditch, a game from the creative mind of Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

COUGH. I finally updated!
Yeah, I updated, believe it or not. My team, the Chinese Fireballs, has filled up the Seeker space with Andrew Babin, 13 years of age in characterally. Ok, Ranjodh is trying out for Hufflepuff team captain and as I'm struggling to fit in a schedule, I struggle. With cheese.

And now, my random rant. GO SNAAAPE! 

Everyone loves double updates, right? Ok, for starters, I've been getting complaints about the rules being too difficult to understand. Therefore, the rules will be getting a complete makeover to make them easier. Also, I want to request all members to post their e-mail IDs (if they want to share them with other players) on the boards under "General Discussion" so we can talk to eachother and devise plans for teams. w00t. I better get working on those rules right now! *runs off*
I was trying to get to our message boards from the site when I noticed I hadn't posted them up. :P They're up now in the INTERACTIVITY section. Go check them out. :D
You now have full permission to eat me.
I haven't updated in so long since I have been rather busy with school. Seventh grade can be such a headache at times. Anyway, two new members. Welcome RJ Dhaliwal, Hufflepuff Seeker and Jessica Mavlent, Slytherin Chaser number one! Also visit our new message boards, which are still abit under constuction. You can still post there, though!
Decision made!
Sam has decided to become a Ravenclaw Chaser, and she's trying out for captain, too. Ravenclaw seems to be the team filling up the quickest. Please help fill up the Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff teams as well as the Player-Made teams, too! XD
Let's welcome a couple of BIRDIES!
Ravenclaw player 2, Ryan Maxwell, has gotten the Seeker position of our favorite Eagle team! His character's name is Joustly Lokleman. Let's also welcome Laura, whose character Sam Thatsby is playing for the Ravenclaws as well. She still has not decided on the position she wants to snag, but I'll let you know when she does!
And we have yet another Ravenclaw player, Stu, with his character Terri Sterling! He's taken the position of Keeping for our dear birdies!
....And I think that's all for now.
One last thing; we will NOT be accepting ANY more new teams as we already have eight to fill up. :) And I am still looking for staff... Can't have any Quidditch games with only one Referee, right? That just won't do, will it? *hint hint*
Another Member!
Wow, stuff's booming! We've got yet more members, and if you want to join the staff of Crazy Quidditch, there's a new form to fill up. Anyway, on with the info!
Meet the first Ravenclaw player, Kidoff Krayford! He's chaser number one and captain, too! Chaser is a fun position to play on, and there's slots open in all the teams, so you better get one before someone else does.
Can you say "w00t!"?
You can? Okay, can you say NEW MEMBER? You better!
Let's welcome the newest Crazy Quidditch member, Jordan Potter!
Let's get a little info on the character Jordan first. He's fifteen and snagged the Slytherin Seeker position from right under your noses! Nyah nyah! Better e-mail me faster next time! :P He's gonna have a hard time against the Gryffindor Seeker Danny in the first match of the Hogwarts season, which could take place at any time: Gryffindor Versus Slytherin! Good luck to both teams!
New Members!
I haven't been updating, and I'm sorry. But let's all cheer away for two new members: Danny and Wendy!
Danny is on the Gryffindor team and has grabbed the Seeker position. Study, Danny! The Snitch won't come easy!
Wendy has created a new team, the Newton Warriors! Wish Wendy luck with the new team!
You can get signed up too, so go for it!
Yay for us!
So that no one pries into the secrets of other teams, I've decided to add a username-password to the team pages I plan to add in the future. This will be told only to that certain teams members. Whee.
Stuff and Stuff
All of the teams have openings, including Gryffindor and Slytherin! If you want to make your own team, you can mail me at with your team name, the text color (including background color) your team members will use in the IRC chat, their uniform and the people on your team. You have to have a complete team to get a page for it and an official Crazy Quidditch chat for it. If you don't know what this means, view the "Help" link to the left- it will explain the rules of Crazy Quidditch, the channels it can be played in and the teams that are open. Oh yes, Crazy Quidditch is making a team called the Chinese Fireballs after a breed of dragon, and we're looking for team members. Tryouts will be done in the #teamtryouts channel. Thanks!
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Quidditch, Harry Potter and all related content is copyright J.K.Rowling. I do not claim anything as my own except for the rules of Crazy Quidditch. The names of the players in the teams are copyright their owners, and the Chinese Fireballs are copyright me. Thanks.